All about Shipping

Who will handle shipping?

Shipping can be handled by your existing courier service or by using Shiprocket.

You will be able to directly sync all your orders on your instasell app with the shiprocket account.

How to ship my products?

Once you get an order on your website, you can add the customer details on your shipping partner panel or go to shiprocket account and choose a courier company you want to ship with, generate labels and manifest and pack the order for pickup in 24hrs.

What does average shipping time mean?

Average shipping time means the number of days it’ll take for you to pack and dispatch your order.

What is a COD order?

COD or a Cash on delivery order means your customer will pay the courier company once you deliver their product.

What is a prepaid order?

Prepaid order means, the customer has already paid for the products via the payment gateway using either debit/credit card or net banking or UPI.

How does free shipping above work?

If you want to give free shipping as an incentive to your customers who place an order above a certain amount you can set that amount here.

How to link Shiprocket?

You can link Shiprocket by following these steps:

Step 1 - Open Shiprocket on Desktop or Laptop

Step 2 - Click Settings → Configure API

Step 3 -  Enter your crendentials in the above section →  Click Create an API Us

Is it compulsory to use Shiprocket to ship?

No, it’s not compulsory to use Shiprocket, you can use your own courier partner as well.

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