Getting Started with Instasell App

How to get orders?

Once you have finished adding products and have your website ready, you can do the following to get orders:

  1. Share your website link on all social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, youtube to get orders
  2. Put your website link in your bio on Instagram to direct all followers to website
  3. Run paid promotions on Instagram by boosting post and targeting the right audience to get orders - learn more here
  4. Running facebook and google Advertising campaigns.

What are Views?

Views mean the number of times your potential customers viewed your products on your website.

How to get a custom domain?

You can connect your own custom domain by upgrading to the premium plan. You also get a free custom domain with the Annual plan.

What is Instasell premium?

Instasell premium plan comes with a lot more features which can help serious entrepreneurs build their own brand and get a lot more orders. You can check all the features in the plan here

How to add more products?

You can add more products by visiting the products screen and clicking on Add product

Do we have to do the marketing ourselves?

Yes, you will have to do the marketing yourselves if you want to build your brand. If you upgrade to our premium plan, our ads experts can teach you how to run marketing campaigns and also answer your questions personally to ensure you get more orders.

How to connect instagram?

You can connect instagram while adding a product by choosing to add it from your Instagram page instead of your gallery.

How to get an Instagram shop?

Instagram shop feature is available to only a few businesses in the world currently and will be made available to all the businesses on Instasell in the next few months.

What are abandoned carts?

When a visitor on your website adds products to cart and adds their contact information but doesn’t place an order -  it’s called an abandoned cart.

We collect their contact information and share it with you, if you are a premium plan user.

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