Settlements in Detail

How to link my own payment gateway?

We don’t have that feature yet, however we have a secure and safe central payment gateway for all merchants, and you can start collecting payments immediately.

How will I receive payments?

Once you have added your settlement details either bank account or UPI details, you should receive the money in 2 working days after you receive a prepaid order from your customer.

How long does it take to get money in my account?

It takes 2 working days to get your money in the account

Should I ship only after i get the money?

No, you should ship as soon as possible to your customer to keep them happy. You will for sure get your money settled in 2 working days into your account.

Do we need to add a tracking link to get money?

No, that is not compulsory but adding tracking details will keep your account verified at all times and can also help in getting money settled in 1 working day.

Do we need to add both UPI and bank details to collect payments?

No, either UPI id or Bank account details is enough to receive payments for your orders.

How does payment gateway work?

We have partnered with Cashfree and Razorpay to collect payments. Your customers can checkout and make their payments using credit/debit card, UPI, net banking, Wallets, Paypal etc.

Can I only accept UPI payments?

No, the payment gateway accepts all forms of payments including UPI payments from your customers.

Is there a commission charged by Instasell?

Yes there is a 3% transaction fees charged by us if you are on the free plan (i.e you’ll get Rs 97 in your account for an order of Rs. 100)

For premium plan customers the transaction fees is only 1.5% on prepaid orders.

There are no additional payment gateway fees for both free and premium plan users.

What are the working days? 

Monday to Friday are working days and Sat/Sun are holidays. If you receive an order on Monday, you will get your money in bank by Wednesday. If you receive your order on Thursday, the money will be in your bank account online on Monday.

Do you accept international payments?

Yes, we accept international payments but there will be an additional 6% transaction charges on the same.

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