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By Abhishek Sebin on 1/30/2024 · 5 minute read

How ofen have you been browsing an online store, only to become irritated because the item you were looking for seemed impossible to locate? Two weeks back, I encountered this issue, and three weeks prior, it was the same story, along with numerous other occasions.Incorporating a top-tier eCommerce search engine on your site enhances your customers’ experience, simplifying their purchasing journey from your business.In this concise blog entry, I’ll examine several top-notch eCommerce site search options available today, aiming to guide you towards making the optimal choice for your business.What is an eCommerce Search Engine?-----------------------------------An eCommerce search engine is software that’s installed on your website, typically by a software engineer, which gathers and displays all the products available on your eCommerce platform.When a customer looks up a product, it will pull up the precise search they desire.Depending on the sophistication of the search engine, it might also grasp synonyms of the product being searched for or even recommend other related products.In essence, an eCommerce search engine enhances the shopping experience by enabling everyone to swiftly locate whatever they require on your site.Why is eCommerce Site Search Important?---------------------------------------Site search on eCommerce platforms plays a crucial role for several reasons:* It makes it easier for your visitors to locate exactly what they need on your platform.* It enables you to gather insights on your customers’ search behaviors, aiding in enhancing your website.* It can boost your conversion rate by simplifying the process for customers to locate their desired products.Chances are, you’re already aware that when shoppers can’t locate what they’re after, they’re prone to exit the site without completing a purchase.How To Choose The Best eCommerce Search Engine For Your Website?----------------------------------------------------------------The market offers a plethora of choices, but which eCommerce search engine truly stands out as the optimal choice for your website?When deciding, here are a few aspects you should mull over:* The magnitude of your website. For those boasting expansive websites filled with numerous products, it’s vital to opt for a search engine capable of managing hefty data volumes. * Your required support level. Numerous eCommerce search platforms deliver around-the-clock assistance, whereas some limit their support services to standard business hours. * The essentials you require. Various eCommerce search engines come packed with an abundance of features, whereas some stick to simplicity. It’s crucial to ensure they integrate seamlessly with your site’s search functionality. * The simplicity of setting it up. The last thing you desire is to lose countless hours figuring out the mechanics of implementing the search engine or mastering its operation. * User-friendliness for your clients. Does it lead to irritation, or is it so simple that even your grandmother could navigate it with ease? * The quality of the code behind the product is paramount. Consider how frequently the company updates their search software, and in the event of a bug, how swiftly they address and resolve the issue. It’s crucial to avoid situations where your search functionality is compromised for days on end. * The finances at your disposal for the search engine matter immensely. A wide array of eCommerce search engines, both free and paid, are at your disposal. By taking these aspects into account, you’re on your way to selecting the finest eCommerce search engine for your site.Top 12 eCommerce Site Search Providers--------------------------------------### SearchaniseSearchanise Landing PageSearchanise is featured across six leading eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, and Wix.Their attention primarily lies with small to medium-sized eCommerce platforms, and their solution efficiently caters to sites ranging from 500 to 50,000+ products.We discovered merely 3 reviews on G2, and it appears they are not present on Capterra.### Algolia**Algolia Search Landing PageFounded in 2012 by Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine, Algolia is a proprietary search engine service.In July 2021, the company secured a Series D funding of $150 million and reached unicorn status, boasting a valuation of $2.25 billion.On renowned review platforms, Algolia shines brightly with a 4.6 rating on G2, based on 297 reviews, and an impressive 4.7 score on Capterra from 65 reviews.### Search.ioSearch IO Landing offers a search and discovery platform powered by Neuralsearch, a form of Artificial Intelligence.Businesses utilize this service to enhance their visibility currently processes billions of API requests monthly, catering to over a thousand websites boasts an impressive 4.9 rating on Capterra based on 7 reviews, alongside a 4.6 rating on G2, reflecting its strong standing in the tech community.### SearchnodeSearch NodePer their official site, SearchNode positions itself as the premier search solution tailored for mid-sized to large eCommerce firms aiming to enhance site search functionalities for peak revenue generation.While they lack reviews on Capterra, they boast a strong 4.7 rating from 36 reviews on G2.### BloomreachBloomreach Website Page**Bloomreach offers a collection of tools that empower companies to create customer experiences so tailored and engaging, they appear to be magical.The offerings encompass a search and merchandising tool powered by AI, a headless system for content management, and solutions for marketing automation.Harnessing the dual forces of consumer and merchandise insights, along with the rapid scalability of AI-enhancement, Bloomreach empowers companies to generate income-boosting digital commerce encounters. These experiences not only convert across various channels but are tailored to adapt to every unique journey.Their main offering comes integrated with a search engine.**What’s the general consensus on Bloomreach?With ratings of 4.7 out of 365 reviews on G2 and 4.6 from 31 reviews on Capterra, they stand impressively rated.### YextYext Landing PageYext offers an array of eCommerce solutions designed to enhance search results through artificial intelligence ranking, captivate your audience to boost sales, and reveal product insights that contribute to revenue expansion.Capterra features a score of 4.3 based on 105 reviews, whereas G2 showcases a rating of 4.4 from 364 reviews.### KlevuKlevuKlevu is a search technology aimed at boosting sales and enhancing the shopping experience for ecommerce ventures.Klevu enhances the search and navigation capabilities of thousands of online stores by leveraging the power of advanced semantic search, natural language processing, merchandising, and multi-lingual functionalities.This guarantees that users visiting your website can effortlessly discover whatever they’re searching for, no matter the device they use or how elaborate their query is.With 18 reviews on G2, they boast a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, and on Capterra, they shine with a perfect score of 5 stars from 5 reviews.### AttraqtAttraqt Landing pageThe Attraqt platform serves as a resource for website owners looking to enhance their site’s personalized experience for visitors.The platform leverages insights from a visitor’s activities on a website to present them with content and search outcomes that match their interests. This strategy is intended to enhance the efficiency of the website and elevate the user experience.Attraqt software is featured on both Capterra and G2 platforms, though it boasts only 4 reviews on G2.### Wizzy.aiWizzy WebsiteWizzy is a top-tier search engine designed for enterprise use, aimed at boosting store sales by providing swift and accurate search results to shoppers.With three 5-star ratings on Capterra and a strong 4.8 score from 12 reviews on G2, they’re clearly making a positive impact.### PrefixboxPrefix BoX LPPrefixbox delivers smart eCommerce Search solutions tailored for medium to large-size enterprises.Just one review on G2 and a trio of reviews over at Capterra.### CoveoCoveo LP**Coveo delivers AI-enhanced capabilities tailor-made for enterprise eCommerce, spanning from advanced search functions to personalized recommendations.The company boasts a 4.3-star rating from 79 reviews on G2 and a solid 4 stars from three reviews on Capterra.### **Elastic Enterprise Search ( Previously Swiftype )**Elastic Enterprise Search is a solution designed to craft a customizable search experience for your website, complete with analytics to give you insights into your site’s usage.Boasting a solid 4.5 rating from 41 reviews on Capterra and an impressive 4.4 rating from 142 reviews on G2, it’s clear that users are singing its praises.

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