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Top 10 Instagram Saree Stores In India 2022

By Venkatragavan Srinivasan on 3/15/2022 · 5 minute read

One may say that sarees are the pinnacle of Indian fashion even though it is among the oldest garments still is in use. In fact, the existence of sarees can be traced back to almost 3000 B.C., and to date, it is considered to be one of the most elegant types of garment in the world.

With every state having its own variation of the saree, it's quite hard to dispute the fact that saree can be quite the trend-setter. They can be worn casually or you can drape yourself in the finest silk saree for any and every occasion, the versatility of this age-old garment can never be questioned.

Today, we'll take a look at some of the finest Instagram saree stores that you should keep an eye out for.

Here are the best Instagram Saree Stores we love


Love sustainable clothing?

Then you will definitely adore the sarees made by Varnuyathe. Started by Menuka Bajaj, a former NIFT student who found inspiration during her time as a naturalist.

Apart from making use of standard natural fabrics and dyes, Varnuyathe also makes sarees from other natural fabrics such as hemp, banana, aloe vera, kenaf, jute, bamboo, beechwood, pineapple, nettle, and many more.

Sarees from Varunyathe aren't just sustainable, they're handwoven and have a unique artistic look to them.

​Urban Closet

If you love wearing sarees that are ethnic yet contemporary, Urban Closet's collection will not disappoint you. Their silk sarees are some of the best you can get your hands on.

Their jute and silk linen collection is a work of art and they have a saree for every occasion. Be it for work or for special occasions, Urban Closet has it all. One of their best designs is the "poncho saree", a saree merged with a top flowing poncho, it's something you definitely should check out.



Sarees from Izhai scream "beauty in simplicity". Izhai is known for its casual and work-wear collections in a budget friendly range. Dyed with bright colors with distinctive designs, they never fail to grab attention.

Izhai's handwoven khadi cotton sarees are one of the very best. Apart from that they also have bengal cotton sarees, chettinad sarees, and linen sarees as well.



One of the best online saree boutiques, Beatitude has made a name for itself on a global level in just 7 years.

From handcrafted to hand-painted, you name it and they have it. Started by Akanksha and Pushkar, this was an effort to show the beauty of Indian art to the world at large.

Banasarsi, Kalamkari, Tussar, Crepe, Linen, silk sarees are just a few of the many collections they have. Beatitudes sarees have some of the most unique contemporary designs you will ever see.



If you love being draped in sarees with unique and delightful color combinations, then sarees by Studio Virupa are what you want.

They have a wide collection of sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, Ikkat, and more. Their collection of sarees is handpicked individually and then designed by the two sisters who started Studio Virupa.

Their collection of chic floral sarees is definitely a treat for sore eyes and they can even do a great job of tassel detailing as well, but that's on request.


Mahavir Sarees

This Mumbai-based online boutique is known for sarees that are aesthetically pleasing. Their sarees have intricate designs that can make your jaw drop.

They have Banaras silk sarees, Banarasi khadi georgette, patola sarees, net sarees, handloom tussors, and many more. Their sarees have gorgeous ethnic designs with a contemporary touch that can make any occasion a special one.



Well-known for their gorgeous traditional sarees, Hastavem has a well-curated collection of handloom sarees that come with the handloom mark. Although handloom sarees usually are costly, Hastavems sarees will not burn a hole in your purse.

Only sarees that are made by authentic weavers make it Hastavem. Their collection of handwoven silk sarees will never fail to leave an impression.


Margazhi Designs

Margazhi Designs is known for making sarees that are exclusive. Margazhi Designs is all about timeless fashion and their traditional handwoven silk sarees speak for themselves.

But the main factor that makes this online saree boutique unique is that they make exclusive pieces. They launch new designs on a regular basis and they never remake or restock those designs. If you want to drape yourself in exclusive sarees, then you should definitely Margazhi Designs.



Offering some of the most affordable yet top-tier sarees, Navarasam has collections that can make you awestruck. Their traditional designs are some of the best.

They have a wide range of silk sarees, cotton sarees, linen sarees, and almost everything that falls in between.


Manjal Couture

Manjal Couture is another contemporary saree boutique that offers a designer selection at an affordable price.

They procure and use the best fabrics from around the country and pair with unique breezy designs. Manjal Couture's sarees are more contemporary than ethnic, these sarees are made for casual wear or work.

Their fusion of designs and fabrics also makes things all the more interesting. They also have silk sarees, linen sarees, and many more for special occasions as well.

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