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Top Trending Indian Hashtags for Instagram [2022]

By Venkatragavan Srinivasan on 3/24/2022 · 2 minute read

Hashtags are an awesome way to get more attention for your brand and other social media networks too. But to be effective, you must use the right hashtags.

There are 2 types of hashtags:

General Hashtags:

General hashtags are generally used by everyone and are most commonly found on posts you browse. Some examples include

#streetwear #[sareesindia]( #silksarees

Branded Hashtags:

Branded Hashtags are brand or industry-specific hashtags used by various brands for promoting their products. Some examples include:

#nike #adidas #manyavaar #boat

Make use of both branded and general hashtags, when you're using general hashtags, try to use the ones that are related to what you do.

Top Trending Hashtags in India for 2022:


Hashtags with Low Competition in India:

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