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Best D2C Shopping Pages on Instagram India [2022]

By Venkatragavan Srinivasan on 3/11/2022 · 4 minute read

Setting up a D2C brand and looking for inspiration? Look no further!

When Instagram rolled out its Shop feature in 2017, it went largely unnoticed and people didn't think much of it then. But today, it is one of the most popular features used by business accounts across the world. With more than 100 Crore (1 Billion) active monthly users, around 13 Crore (130 Million) users click on shopping posts every day.

In India alone, the social selling market is estimated to be worth around ₹15,000 Cr ($2B) as of 2022.

We've compiled some of the best shopping pages we've come across on Instagram India. Check them out:

Urban Monkey India:

Urban Monkey (of Shark Tank fame) is one of the first streetwear brands of India. Founded by Yash Gangwal as a headwear and skateboard brand, today it has become a poster child of India's DTC revolution aimed at Millenial and Gen Z customers.

Sleepy Owl Coffee:

Sleepy Owl was started by Arman Sood, Ajai Thandi, and Ashwajeet Singh -- after quitting their corporate careers to focus on building a DTC coffee brand. Today, Sleepy Owl is one of the most popular brands in this space, with an annual turnover of a whooping ₹7.5 Crore.

Fully Filmy:


Fully Filmy is a Chennai-based T-shirt & fashion accessories brand started by Anand Srinivasan and Raunaq Mangottil. They're famous for their one-liner T-shirts, notebooks, and badges based on popular Tamil movie dialogues. Started as a humble online store, today it's the go-to brand for hundreds of youngsters looking to add some humor to their wardrobe.


Bewakoof is a light-hearted clothing & fashion accessory brand made targeted at Millennial & Gen Z consumers. Founded in 2012 by Sidharth Munoth & Prabhkiran Singh, today Bewakoof clocks around ₹100 Crores in revenue, processing more than 1 Lakh products a month, delivering across India and internationally.


If you've spent the last 5 years in India, chances are you've heard of boAt or are already a customer. This humble electronics brand started by Aman Gupta (of Shark Tank fame) holds a whooping 29% market share of the headphone market in India, achieved completely via a DTC business model.


Flatheads is a footwear brand was founded by Ganesh Balakrishnan and Utkarsh Biranda. Started when the founders couldn't find breathable, comfy footwear at an affordable price, it quickly went viral after launch and managed to hit a whooping ₹1.5 Crore revenue within 10 months of launching.

WOW Skin Science:

WOW Skin Science is a pharmaceutical D2C brand founded by Arvind Sokke and Ashwin Sokke; Manish Chowdhary and Karan Chowdhary. WOW Skin Science currently clocks over ₹100 Cr of business. Taking an online & offline D2C approach, Wow Skin Science has its products in over 5,000 dedicated stores along with retailers across India.

SUGAR Cosmetics:


Another Shark Tank favourite! Sugar Cosmetics was founded in 2015 by Kaushik Mukherjee and Vineeta Singh. Sugar Cosmetics mainly targets millenial women. While a considerable chunk of their business is online, they also have more than 2800 retail locations in over 150 cities across India.


Melorra was founded by by Saroja Yeramilli as a lightweight jewellery brand. Based out of Bengaluru, this D2C company offers jewellery in a wide range of 18K Gold and Silver options. They have also taken a retail + D2C approach and are one of the biggest distributors of jewellery in India, with a network spanning over 2000 towns.


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